Peter Henniker-Heaton (Man of Joy)


Peter Henniker-Heaton: Man of Joy. is a joy to read! Certainly the account of his healing of a form of paralysis of nearly 10 years standing through the steadfast study and application of Christian Science is impressive. Peter’s story is engaging and inspiring for that and even more. (Hardback with colour illustrations)

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Peter Henniker-Heaton was from a British family with a tradition of public service. After Wellington College he gained an education in Classics at Corpus Christi College, Oxford. He then entered the British Home Civil Service, but was invalided out of the service after long illness. As a result of being healed of paralysis by Christian Science his life changed significantly . In London, he joined Punch, a weekly magazine of humour and satire. Invited to become a member of staff of The Christian Science Monitor. He moved to the United Staes with his wife Rose in early 1952. For nearly a quarter of a century he devoted himself to the service of the Christian Science movement as a writer, consultant and editor – all undergirded by his practice of Christian Science healing.