Physics, Metaphysics and God


This book introduces some of the most perplexing and exciting aspects of the revolution going on in physics today as it continues toward an increasingly metaphysical basis for defining reality. This exciting scientific revolution should be shared by everyone and the issues taken up in this book form a basis for that participation. That the math is not in the chalk is becoming increasingly evident, as well as the question as to which is more substantial.

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Throughout Part I of the book the author quotes from notables such as Eugene Wigner, John Wheeler, Depak Chopra, Larry Dossey, Fred Wolf, Amit Goswami and Edward R.Close on the subject of basic quantum physics and philosophy. In varying degrees each believes that observation of quantum phenomena and resultant interpretations involve consciousness. That is, consciousness plays a significant, if not primary role in interpreting or even shaping reality. Each ascribes to consciousness a mental nature, but not necessarily a wholly spiritual nature independent of matter, space-time. Here is where the author and the above-mentioned begin to”part company.” The author believes that beyond the quantum and quantum phenomena lies the realm of Spirit, God. In Part II the author discusses the phenomena of spiritual healing, or healing by prayer. No other book on the market brings in the works of Christ Jesus in a book that discusses both physics and metaphysics in the way the author does. The author presents documented healings occurring in the present age through prayer to substantiate his claim for the presence of God(Mind) and the spiritual nature of man and the universe.