The Golden Prayer Puzzle


What would you think if you were given a jigsaw puzzle to piece together, while being told the clues in the puzzle would help solve perplexing questions about life, plus mysteries in the Bible, and put you on the path to finding the gold of prayer?

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The Golden Prayer Puzzle includes an allegory about a skydiver called Earnest Eager who sets out to solve this puzzle. An argument between two friends provides him with a surprisingly logical clue to finding the answers he needs. The various ideas he finds are examined in this book. The answers will shed light on why even law-abiding people can feel guilty, or why we don’t expect good things right here and now. What are we waiting for? Does our journey through life have any real meaning or structure to it? Then there is the status of woman to consider and the wonderful results of acknowledging her place. Yes, this is a must-read book for just about everyone, not only those interested in the Bible, but those interested in life itself.