The Golden Prayer Search


The Golden Prayer Search is the sequel to The Golden Prayer Puzzle. Earnest Eager is on a journey of discovery to find the gold of prayer and in the process has already solved mysteries in the Bible. He is on a four-sided expedition. By sailing North he finds prayer

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On the East, he discovers how to pray for himself. The South reveals how to pray for others, while the West shows how to learn life lessons through prayer. His journey is our journey. All kinds of questions about prayer are answered and true examples are given in this account. It should be a satisfying journey for the most exploratory types of thinkers. There is an added bonus to the story. The vital part of forgiveness and of letting go is explored, and a golden butterfly is glimpsed. This sighting develops the idea of what could happen as the churches diminish and religion appears to decline. It’s an unexpected solution to the query many Christians have today.